Devil Industries

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Reefer Pack 2 (Tane / TRS19)

ARMN (Union Pacific Railroad Co.),
BNFE (Burlington Northern Railroad)
Chilled Express,
Southern Pacific,

and AMTK (Amtrak).

With various Products, animation, running numbers, and sound.

Reefer Pack 1 (Tane / TRS19)

ARMN (Union Pacific Railroad Co.),
BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway Inc.),
CEFX (CIT Equipment Finance Corporation),
TILX (Trinity Industries Leasing),
SPFE (Pacific Fruit Express),
BNFE (Burlington Northern Railroad),
TPIX (Tropicana Products),
CRYX (Cryo-Trans),
and AMTK (Amtrak).

Clean, dirty and with graffiti.

With various Products and textures, animation, running numbers, and sound.

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